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Why You Are Not Becoming a Better 3D Artist

Updated: Feb 16

When you are a beginner 3D modeler you try to do everything in your power to learn what you need to improve. You pull late nights working on personal projects, you research the different programs for 3D modeling, and you watch every 3D modeling YouTube tutorial ever made. Despite all this your models look off, you're still struggling with topology and you are only able to stare at your screen because you are not sure how to make the complicated objects for your models. You are putting in the time and effort but you are not getting the results. Here are a few reasons that might be why you are not improving

1) You are trying to learn too many programs at once

There are so many programs that 3D artists can use, Maya, 3Ds Max, Blender, and more. With so many programs out there it will be tempting to try to learn them all at the same time. You might just learn the basics in Maya and then hop into Cinema 4D and then hop into another program after learning the basics in that one. But while doing so you start to lose the basic knowledge you had learned in the different programs. Though the skills are transferrable between programs you need to become very skilled in one program before you can transfer those skills.

2) You are too dependent on tutorials

As a beginner you have to learn from experienced and professional 3D artists. One of the best ways to do this is to watch tutorials made by those 3D artists. Fortunately many of those tutorials are free and easy to access through YouTube. It feels good as you follow these videos step by step while making your models but you also have to make models on your own without them. If you only model while following tutorials you become good at copying what is done in the tutorials but you are not developing your problem solving skills as a 3D artist. You have to also be able to practice handling tough tasks on your own.

3) You are only depending on the common tools in the program

Each program has basic tools that you will use as a 3D modeler, however you cannot only depend on those basic tools for complex models. For example, in Maya you will learn how to use basic tools such as bridge and insert edge loop tool but there are other features in Maya you need to become familiar with such as deformers. By learning more of what a program has to offer you will better understand how to tackle certain models.

4) You are expecting overnight results

Even while taking all the right steps in becoming a better 3D artist you will not become one in such a short amount of time. As with anything else becoming skilled in 3D modeling takes putting in many hours and making many mistakes along the way. Please be patient with yourself.

5) You are trying to work through burnout

After putting in many hours in learning 3D modeling your body will hint to you that it is time to take a break. Listen to your body. Trying to work while you are burned out will not improve your skills. They will improve after you get needed rest and become able to focus better and think clearer from the rest.

6) You are comparing yourself to other 3D artists in a toxic way

To become a better 3D artist you have to look at the work of other 3D artists better than you. Being that you are human you will begin to compare yourself to them and notice that they are strong in areas that you are weak in. That is okay because they have been doing it longer than you have. What is not okay is to start beating yourself up for not being on their level. It is unrealistic to expect yourself to make models that are on the same level as someone who started 3D modeling decades before you did. Make the comparisons but do not think low of yourself while doing so.


If you are not seeing the results you want in your models look through these possible six reasons and see if any applies to you.

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