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Why Beginner 3D Modelers Should Try To Make A Model That is Too Hard for Them

Updated: Feb 16

After I got the basics of 3D modeling down and was able to model simple things such as tables and chairs I could not wait to touch the harder stuff. So when I thought of modeling my first car I became excited. I got the blueprint ready, sat down, and opened Maya and I took on the challenge and...

I was not able to finish it. It was, of course, way harder than I thought it would be and after becoming frustrated with it I took a break and I told myself that I was going to go back to it. I never did.

I then attempted again, from scratch and made the white car that you see in the first image of this post. I actually finished a car but, as you can see, the topology is not smooth and there are a few creases and openings through out the car.

Then there was my third attempt, the blue car in the second image, and there was major improvement. I am very proud of the blue car and I also recognized that if it wasn't for my first failed attempt and not fully well done second attempt I would not have been able to make the blue car.

I tried to model a car before I was ready and it was because of that why I became able to model one. Here are the three main reasons why:

1) You Recognize That You Have a Long Way To Go

I knew that I still had a lot to learn when I first tried to make a car but I did not realize by how much until I tried. When I saw how much I was struggling with making the car I left it alone and continued to work on my 3D modeling skills before trying again.

2) You Begin To Understand Where Your Weak Points Are As a 3D Modeler

After my second attempt, though I had become better, I realized that I had to get better with my topology. So I worked on having a better understanding of it when it comes to more complicated models.

3) It Is Good To See How Much You Have Improved When You Attempt The Hard Model Again

When I compare the white car to the last car I made, the blue one, I feel confidence seeing how much I had improved. After you struggle trying to make your first complicated model continue to work on your skills and then remake the complicated again and you will be impressed by how much you have progressed.

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