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Other Fields Outside of Movies, Short Films and Gaming That 3D Modeling Is Used For

When you decide to do 3D modeling for a living it is easy to think about movies and gaming as the two fields to use that skill in and as influential and important as those fields are there are actually several others that you can choose if movies and games are not your passions. Here are six other fields where 3D modelers are needed.

1) Manufacturing

Many products, including figurines, were first 3D modeled before being 3D printed. There are several different types of décor and toys that were 3D modeled before being made and then ending up eventually in the homes of consumers.

2) Architecture

Before 3D modeling architects would have to depend on their 2D designs while helping their clients imagine what the structures they are designing will look like. Now a 3D artist can model and render out images of the 3D structures for clients to have a more detailed look of what the built structure will look like.

3) Geology

Because of 3D modeling geologists now can better predict the impact earthquakes can have by having different landscapes 3D modeled and then animating earthquakes for them to study.

4) Healthcare

3D modeling has helped the medical field to advance and improve the quality of life for many people. Medical animation of 3D models of the human body and its systems are being used in medical education. Also many prosthetics are 3D modeled before they are made for patients to use to replace certain limbs and other body parts.

5) Forensics

3D modeling has also been used to help solve and close cases. Crime scenes are 3D modeled to be used to explain to jurors possible scenarios on how a crime may have been committed.


If you decide to become a 3D modeler, take out time to research and study the different industries where you can use that skill. It may surprise you where your 3D modeling might take you.

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