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8 Things You Should Know About 3D Modeling

Updated: Feb 16

1) The Skills Are Transferable Between Programs

Most of the courses in this program will focus on modeling in Maya. Though the skills taught focus on working in Maya the techniques are either the same or similar in other 3D software including 3DS Max and Blender. After learning how to model in Maya you can quickly adapt and learn how to model in other programs as well.

2) It Is Good To Pick A Focus

There are different types of modeling. The main ones are hard surface modeling (inorganic objects), soft surface modeling (organic objects such as plants), environment modeling, and character modeling. After you learn the basics of modeling you should pick a focus to mainly work in while still learning the other types of modeling.

3) Your First Complicated Model Will Not Be As Good As You Think

After making several simple models, such as cups and chairs, when you first start learning you will start to feel a little confident in yourself and then feel ready to tackle hard models, such as weapons, and you should in order to get better. But when you start working on more complicated models you will begin to realize you do not understand modeling as well as you thought and the harder models will not be as good as you hoped. There is nothing wrong with this since you are learning. Keep practicing and remake the models you had trouble making before and you will notice a huge difference.

4) Topology is Important!

When modeling you have to pay attention to the topology, the structure and edge distribution, of the models. Each of your model should only be made up of quads, faces with only four sides, or, very rarely, made up of mostly quads with very few tris, faces with three sides. None of your models should have Ngons, faces with five or more sides. The topology should also have a good flow with it's model. The better the topology the easier it will be for riggers to rig your models.

5) When You Become Good At Modeling It is Good To Have Other Skills in Look Dev.

The 3D modeling section of the animation and gaming industry is very competitive when it comes to getting work at different studios. To help you stand out, after learning and becoming skilled in modeling, you should also learn 3D sculpting and texturing to add to your skillset.

6) If You Are Learning 3D Modeling In Order To Work As A 3D Modeler Make Sure Your Reel Is Filled With The Type Of Models You Actually Want To Make

When you send your reel to studios to apply for different 3D modeling positions, if hired, they will hire you to make the models that they see in your reel because that is what you have shown them you can make and that is what you will be modeling during your work hours. So as amazing as your car model is if you can't stand making cars you probably should not have it in your reel or that is what you will be modeling during your work days.

7) Though You Might Learn The Concepts Quickly Becoming A Skilled 3D Modeler Takes Time

After a while you will become familiar with the tools and will form muscle memory when using them. Despite this it will still take time to make complicated models with good topology.

8) As With Any Skill, The More Hours You Put In The Better You Will Become

You will not become a better 3D modeler if you only spend a few minutes sparingly per month. When starting out you should spend a certain amount of time, how much time is up to you, per weekday to practice. Of course, you have to plan around your busy schedule and still have a life outside of 3D modeling, but if it is something that you are serious about you have to put in the time and effort.

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