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3D Animal Sculpt Challenge Day 4

Hi my Polygon Primitives! Today is day 4 of the 3D Animal Sculpt Challenge! Continue to read to learn what you will be doing today. Read the full blog post before you begin.

Adding Muscles to Your Animal Sculpt

Today you will add muscles to your animal sculpt. Before you do so look up an image of the anatomy of your animal that shows its muscles. Keep this image as a reference to use as you work on your sculpt today.

What to do as you sculpt.

When adding the muscles be subtle as you do it. It is best to use the clay buildup tool when doing this.

As you are adding the muscles use the smooth tool to soften and shrink areas to prevent too much build up on your sculpt.

Do not fall into the trap of focusing on one area for too long. Zoom out to see your sculpt as a whole to view your progress.

Stop using the smooth tool when you feel you are done defining the muscles. Let the strokes from the clay buildup tool show.

Watch this sped up video of me adding muscles to my sculpt before you begin to understand what you are doing.

Once you are done watching the video, begin to add the muscles to your animal sculpt. When you are done export or take a screenshot of an image of your base and post the image either on your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #3danimalsculpt2024day4 and tag the school, for Instagram and @a_to_b_modeling for Twitter.

Subscribe to the School's YouTube Channel!

If you are enjoying the information you are getting from this challenge become a subscriber to the school's YouTube channel for more tutorials:

Keep In Mind

You are only adding the muscles and when you are finishing let the brushstrokes show. You will use day 5 to smooth out the muscles and to add finishing details.

Keep the image of your animal sculpt with its muscles because you will need to submit it for access to your bonus video.

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