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Basic Lighting in Maya Part 3: Badger and Loop Lighting

In the last blog post in the Basic Lighting in Maya series I explained Rembrandt and butterfly lighting. This blog will focus on badger loop lighting.

Badger Lighting

Badger lighting is a type of lighting where two lights are used to make drastic shadows, they can be sharp or soft, in the center of the face and around the eyes. It is named badger lighting because the shadows mimic the black fur placement on the badger's face as shown in this photo:

This type of lighting is usually used to give a character a sinister look.

Loop Lighting

Loop lighting is a type of lighting where the key light is placed about 45 degrees in front of the face to make a shadow shaped as a loop under the nose.

To understand how to use these two lighting styles in Maya watch this video:

After watching the video choose a character model and practice using badger and loop lighting in Maya to light it.

Also become a subscriber to the school's YouTube channel to learn more lighting techniques.

Keep in mind that lighting is a skill and you will need practice to get a good understanding of it.

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